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Wallet Overview

The network accommodates both Cosmos and ERC-20 coins and offers compatibility with various wallets. Among these wallets, some provide integration with Ledger devices. Refer to the table below for additional details. We strongly suggest using Metamask and Keplr wallets, which also offer Ledger compatibility. For further insights regarding Ledger, please navigate here.

MetamaskMobile & Browsers. Supports ERC-20 tokens, but no Cosmos coins
KeplrMobile & Browsers. Supports Cosmos coins but ERC-20 support coming soon
WalletConnect v2Supported only on the Prestaking Dashboard
LedgerDesktop & Mobile. Supported on Metamask, Keplr, and CLI
Trust WalletSupported on Browser and Mobile
Leap WalletSupported on Browser and Mobile
CosmostationSupported on Browser and Mobile