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Transfer Tokens

Once you're linked to the network, you can use your wallet to send tokens between users directly, bypassing banks or other payment processors. With complete ownership of your assets comes full responsibility for maintaining the security of your passwords.

You can see your token balances, move tokens on the network, or deposit and withdraw tokens from and to other blockchain networks by using either your wallet directly.

View Balances

On, you can see the balances of all your digital assets, including the HEART token unique to the platform and any assets created on the network or imported from other blockchains. The quantity of tokens and their equal value in US dollars serve as a measure of an asset's balance.

Cryptocurrency assets can be used as a means of exchange or a means of storing value, just like any other kind of money. An asset's price can only be determined by demand and supply in comparison to other assets if it is traded on an exchange. On, the native HEART token has extra uses because it can be used to vote on governance proposals, secure the network through staking, and pay for gas.

Assets on can be represented by many token types, such as Cosmos IBC Coins or EVM ERC20 tokens. However, we think that unless you are a developer, you shouldn't be worried about the token's underlying representation. The network automatically converts between representations when you only enter the asset name.

On-ramp to

To use the network, you must first on-ramp (get HEART tokens), as you need a tiny amount of gas to move assets or engage with dApps. As a result, users are prevented from spamming the network for free, while validators are rewarded with paid gas.

Here are some examples of how to onramp to

  • Use a decentralized exchange like Uniswap or Osmosis (coming soon)
  • Ask a friend to transfer you HEART
  • Use services that let you convert fiat money (like US dollars) into cryptocurrencies

Send Assets on the same Chain

You can send and receive assets directly through your wallet (like Keplr or Metamask) from one account to another. You must enter the receiving account's address to send funds, either in its Ethereum (e.g. 0x85cE015E55232ed0ea78A586609FEFd6c096Da3F) or Cosmos format (e.g. human19ugs5jrk79srm2x0n75ulh0twh8lw3g495ceyj).