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Wallet Integration

Integrating wallets is a crucial step in developing decentralized applications (dApps) that enable users to interact securely with blockchain technology. Here are some key points from various sources on wallet integration in dApp development:

  • dApp developers need to implement a three-category checklist for wallet integration, which includes frontend features, transactions and wallet interactions, and additional considerations. To enable transactions on their dApp, developers must determine the type of wallet being used by the user, create the transaction, request signatures from the corresponding wallet, and finally broadcast the transaction.

  • provides a range of wallet integration options, including Keplr, Metamask, Ledger, WalletConnect, and more. The latest wallets are here.

  • For developers looking to leverage's client integrations, TypeScript or Python libraries are available. Head over to the Client Integrations page to access these libraries and streamline your wallet integration process.

Gas & Estimation

The wallet setup will attempt to determine the necessary gas amount for users to sign while creating and utilizing dApps on The notion of Gas and Fees is further explained. We have a module named feemarket that defines our approach in regards to the implementation of transaction prioritization.