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The following APIs are suggested for use in development. Running your own node is advised for optimal control and dependability.


Connect your app or client to the public testnets and mainnet of in a flash. For a list of publicly accessible endpoints that you can use to connect to the, go to Networks.


The Network offers support for various clients to facilitate Cosmos and Ethereum transactions and queries. Additionally, the network provides a REST interface through Swagger, enabling users to perform state queries and transactions efficiently:

DescriptionDefault PortSwagger
Cosmos gRPCQuery or send transactions using gRPC9090
Cosmos REST (gRPC-Gateway)Query or send transactions using an HTTP RESTful API9091Testnet Mainnet
Ethereum JSON-RPCQuery Ethereum-formatted transactions and blocks or send Ethereum txs using JSON-RPC8545
Ethereum WebsocketSubscribe to Ethereum logs and events emitted in smart contracts.8586
Tendermint RPCQuery transactions, blocks, consensus state, broadcast transactions, etc.26657Localhost
Tendermint WebsocketSubscribe to Tendermint ABCI events26657
Command Line Interface (CLI)Query or send transactions using your Terminal or Console.N/A