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When launching your dApp on Mainnet, it is crucial to consider certain issues before actual users start transacting with real money on it. Although deploying your contracts to the Mainnet network and migrating your dApp from Testnet to Mainnet may be basic processes, securing success and increasing the exposure of your dApp may involve additional business development activities. Here is a summary of some of the most important things to think about.


Using the JSON-RPC, you can deploy your contracts to the Ethereum Mainnet. The identical process as on the Testnet is followed here, except it is directed at the Mainnet network endpoints. Take a look at the following factors before moving on.


Test your smart contracts carefully on the Testnet to make sure they function as expected. All functions, error handling, and edge cases should be covered by thorough testing.

When feasible, do a thorough security audit of the smart contract code to find and fix any potential flaws or vulnerabilities. This is especially important for the mainnet because everyone would be able to read the code and any security issues could cause big losses. Learn about contract security procedures and common risks. External auditors can also aid in improving the performance of your contract.

Make sure that contract ownership is properly managed, and think about using a multi-sig mechanism for added security. By doing this, you'll be able to keep deployment ownership within your team rather than with a single owner who might quit.

Make sure that any external dependencies or libraries utilized by the contract are current and secure.

Contract upgradeability

Future contract upgrades should be taken into account, and if necessary, upgrade methods should be put in place. By doing this, you will be able to modify the contract without having to redeploy it and draft a new one.


Analyze whether the gas expenses involved with deploying and executing the smart contract, as well as the cost of doing so, are affordable or effective for end users.

Contract documentation

Document the contract in detail, making sure to include its goals, functions, and any dangers. This will make it simpler for other developers to examine and contribute to the code and help users understand how to use the contract.


Make your voice known in the community by outlining the benefits that your dApp offers. Getting in touch with the community to show them how they can take ownership of or start contributing to your project is a vital component of developing a dApp. This will not only increase the visibility of your dApp but may also create a new user community that wants to help you develop it.

Get in touch with the community and contributors by visiting the Discord channel, and then present your dApp at one of the upcoming community calls. There is a Telegram group as well.