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Contract Verification

Contract verification is a crucial process that entails auditing and verifying the code of smart contracts prior to their deployment on the blockchain. This procedure is essential in ensuring that smart contracts operate as intended and are free from vulnerabilities or security flaws.

Independent auditors, security experts, or automated tools typically perform this process. The verification process involves a meticulous analysis of the contract code to identify potential issues, such as bugs, security vulnerabilities, or potential attacks. This process may involve both manual and automated testing to ensure that the code adheres to established standards and best practices.

By thoroughly examining the smart contract code, contract verification helps to prevent potential security breaches and enhance the overall reliability of the blockchain network. This process is particularly important for decentralized applications that rely on smart contracts for their operation, as it helps to protect users' assets and data.


Mintscan is a block explorer that offers permissioned contract verification. Visit this site to see all the EVM contracts. A green checkbox will be present for verified contracts. Please visit this link and complete as much of the request detail as possible in order to submit you contract for verification. After reviewing the contract, the Mintscan team will get in touch with you.