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Metrics applications can be instrumented with Cosmos SDK telemetry to facilitate observation and insight gathering. This is achieved through the utilization of the go-metrics package and the Prometheus client library, which unlocks the ability to expose various metric types, such as gauges and counters.

For guidance on optimal usage of these metrics, refer to this blog article.

Below is a list of modules that come equipped with custom metrics and telemetry, enabling you to run performance profiles and showcase them in a Grafana dashboard.

Supported Metrics

feemarket_base_feeAmount of base fee per EIP-1559 blocktokengauge
feemarket_block_gasAmount of gas used in an EIP-1559 blocktokengauge
recovery_ibc_on_recv_totalTotal number of recoveries using the ibc onRecvPacket callbackrecoverycounter
recovery_ibc_on_recv_token_totalTotal amount of tokens recovered using the ibc onRecvPacket callbacktokencounter
tx_msg_ethereum_tx_totalTotal number of txs processed via the EVMtxcounter
tx_msg_ethereum_tx_gas_used_totalTotal amount of gas used by an ethereum txtokencounter
tx_msg_ethereum_tx_gas_limit_per_gas_usedRatio of gas limit to gas used for an ethereum txratiogauge